The Diversity Gap

How Our Neurology Impacts Our Diversity and Justice Work w/ Dr. Jerome Lubbe

Episode Summary

In episode 13 of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney sits down with functional neurologist Dr. Jerome Lubbe. They discuss a few of the neurological processes that impact our ability to navigate the terrain of multi-racial community. If you've ever wondered why its hard to talk about race, or why its difficult to understand a perspective outside of your own, listen in. You'll learn a bit more about how we are hardwired to respond to conflict, and you'll hear some insights to help you navigate this space better.

Episode Notes

Dr. Jerome Lubbe is the founder of Thrive Neuro Health. You can learn more about him and his practice here. He's also the author of the first ever brain-based book on the Enneagram which you can find here.

In this conversation, Dr. Lubbe also mentions The Living School. Check that out here.

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