The Diversity Gap

Intergenerational Diversity and Strategic Cultural Change w/ Glen Guyton

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Diversity Gap Podcast, Bethaney talks to Glen Guyton, a diversity and inclusion leader, and the Executive Director of the Mennonite Church USA. In this rich conversation, they discuss the nuances of intergenerational diversity, what it looks like to lead authentically, and the importance of having a strategy and pacing in our efforts for change. Glen’s expertise in understanding culture has taken him from being a nerdy kid growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas to becoming an Air Force Officer in the United States Air Force, teaching middle school, to leading a national non-profit religious organization. Currently, Glen serves as the Executive Director of MC USA, the first person of color to serve in the role.

Episode Notes

Audiences from Kansas, to Kenya, to Costa Rica, to Texas have enjoyed hearing Glen speak on culture, workplace diversity, and other topics. His audiences have been composed of Kindergarten students, college students, corporate CEOs, religious leaders, and meeting planners, demonstrating his ability to connect with diverse groups.

To remain relevant in this global information age, we must be culturally competent. Glen has made it his mission to help organizations and individuals understand how to navigate the complex nature of culture. Glen works with organizations that want to improve productivity and profits through innovative leadership techniques and building intercultural competence. He also works with individuals trying to make sense of the culture in which they live, so that they can live their IDEAL lives.

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